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Our toolkits source the best courses on the internet to meet all your entrepreneurial needs at an accessible price! Snag 30 courses valued at $5,000+ for just $99!










Our heart is to provide business tools at an accessible rate for entrepreneurs eager to build their businesses. We have searched the internet far and wide to compile the best of the best courses to highlight in each toolkit.


Lucy Dunne


I know what it’s like to build a paying Instagram following from scratch… and I can’t wait to show you how to do it, too — the smart way.
Kyshira Moffett

UNLOCKED | $297 Value

Learn how to leverage live stream to attract clients, increase profit and grow your influence in 30 days!

Ashley M. Fox

BOOTCAMP | $399 Value

This 5-Part Stock Investing Beginner’s Course will show ALL beginners how to invest in the stock market. You will gain access to EVERYTHING you need in order to go from START to FINISH. Regardless of how much money you make or have, you will get a basic understanding of how the stock market works, what accounts to use, and how to decide what to buy. This course has helped thousands of people from all over the world navigate through the many questions they have about investing.

Sophia Sunwoo

Business Plan
Creator | $97 Value

The Business Plan Creator Tool shares the exact formula that I use to create business plans and financial projections that have helped startups secure over $500K in funding and present to a room full of Fortune 500 executives. This guide provides a streamlined strategy for writing a great business plan that tells a story, sells your business, and backs it up with realistic numbers. You’ll be given a clear step-by-step blueprint, along with my advice on how to make your business plan memorable and your financial projections realistic.
Trena Little

BLUEPRINT | $97 Value

A video course and swipe templates for both Asana and Trello that shows you exactly how to set up and manage your video content workflow! Plus help you create consistent content, in LESS TIME! Hello to the magic of systems!

Michelle Dale

The 1Nsourcing
Supporter | $270 Value

The Supporter Kit is everything you need to set up your Freelance or Virtual Assistant Service Business, fast and on a tiny budget too – this is really for you if you’re considering starting a virtual business and you’re beginning with very little (to no) knowledge at all, you’re not quite ready to commit full time, you’re low on start-up funds or you want to build a foundation prior to investing into a scalable online service business.

Sarah + Amber

Plan For The
Gram | $247 Value

Your 2-part course on how to plan and execute content on Instagram with ease. Learn exactly what to post about to go from crickets to “please take my money!”

Kate Crocco

Make up your mind
and manifest | $297 Value

This is my brand spanking new course ALL ON DECISION MAKING! No more sitting on the fence waiting for clarity to arrive, we are going to take calculated and inspired steps together to work toward making your goals a reality.

Diane Mayor

Flow and Focus
Experience | $97 Value

Flow and Focus is a 7-day virtual strategic planning experience for entrepreneurs looking to CEO their business more effectively. Create a focused 90-day plan customized to YOUR business.
Hollie Tkac

Webinar Swipe Emails
for Coaches | $47 Value

Steal my webinar emails so you can attract clients with a webinar. What you get: example copy (aka swipes) for every email you need to run a webinar. Swipe copy for 12 emails and and email checklist & send schedule for a webinar so you know exactly what you need to write and when to send it.

Krista Miller

Summit in a Box
Starter Kit | $297 Value

Get the Summit in a Box Starter Kit to learn what hosting a summit entails, map out the important details, choose a profitable topic, and create a realistic timeline to look and feel like the pro you are throughout the whole process.
Anne Samoilov

Courses That
| $297 Value

Create a signature program that not only stands the test of time but allows you to keep it updated without spending tons of time every single time you launch. Learn how to structure your course so that it is always timeless, relevant, and delivers what your students need…even years after they purchase it!
Ciji Townsend

Move from busy to balanced
in 21 days! | $79 Value

This 21-day crash course sets you up for success to move from the glorification of busyness to embracing a balanced approach to life. If your calendar is always full, your days are over-programmed and you feel like there’s something more for you to thrive in life vs survive this course is for you!
Kelsey Chapman

DONE | $997 Value

In the Dream To Done program, we’re going to harness the power of expert strategy and mentorship, so you can bring that dream into reality – because the unique purpose you carry into this world matters. in this  7-module course, instructional videos, resource lists + downloadable worksheets.

Jenna Dancy

UNLOCKED | $97 Value

Discover how to unlock the power of ChatBots to create automation (and sales) for your business.

Courtney Peacock

Balanced & Brave: How To
Scale Sustainably | $297 Value

Learn how to master your stress response and heal your anxiety so you can show up confidently, be more present, and make more money in your business.

Kristen Achziger

Building an Engaged Email List

Workshop & Workbook| $40 Value

Struggling to engage, nurture, and grow your email list? Here are my best email list strategies for entrepreneurs that I’ve discovered through trial and error over the last five years. I’ve used these strategies with my OWN list to get real results. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did! Learn from my experiments and start writing more engaging content NOW.

Jeanette Tapley

It’s Time For Your
Podcast| $149 Value

In a culture where podcasts are one of the hottest buzzwords in nearly every industry, you might be wondering how to go about starting your own. Well, my friend, during this 6-week course you’ll go from wondering to recording and launching your very own influential podcast before 2020 is over!

Kristen Leigh Ellis

LONGER | $47 Value

Discover the skills you already have and translate them into the online business of your dreams (so you are laid off… no longer).

Tiffany Accardi

Builders 101 | $99 Value

Rally your tribe. Love them well. Create a growing base of customers that feel like family.
Kelsey Chapman

COURSE | $97 Value

A video course and swipe templates for both Asana and Trello that shows you exactly how to set up and manage your video content workflow! Plus help you create consistent content, in LESS TIME! Hello to the magic of systems!

Emily Hester

The Amelie
Society | $270 Value

Ready to trade stock graphics for beautiful content templates sure to connect? Created to help hardworking creatives, the Amelie Society offers monthly templates of all kinds to help you create beautiful, custom content for your brand with Affinity Designer and Canva, the best design apps on the market! Whether they’re used for you or your clients, these templates are sure to make the content creation process easier and quicker!
Nicole Yang

The Balanced Brand
Lab Kit
| $349 Value

A do-it-yourself branding workshop where you’ll build a personalized and balanced brand formula to guide all your design decisions. Make your own style guide and find your brand’s trusty sidekicks: from the right colors, fonts, photography, and more!

Kelsey Chapman

| $47 Value

Get CLARITY on your dreams with this 51 page workbook that will help you get clear on your dreams and create a game plan to take that dream to done.
Jessica Korthuis

Color Psychology for
Marketing | $49 Value

Color is what gets your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do. Color Psychology plays a critical role in how your brand is perceived by your target audience. And your brand’s color palette has a HUGE effect on how your customers engage with and act towards your content.

Andrea Crisp

The Elevate
Course | $197 Value

You are poised to make an impact but you may be bumping up against obstacles time and again. It’s not that you don’t know what you want to do, you just may be out of alignment. This course will help you elevate your mindset, and transform how you live out your purpose and potential. 

Kelsey Chapman

PodBreakout: A Podcast
Course | $297 Value

This course provides everything you need to build the thriving, successful podcast you’ve been dreaming about.
Dawn Kennedy

First Steps To
Profit | $27 Value

Get your business finances organized, get your numbers, and start protecting your business income now.

Irina Pichura

MEMBERSHIP | $497 Value

Inside Elevate, I  help you cut through all of the fluff and give you a straight shot to building a brand that stands out online and attracts the right audience to your incredible offers. After your time here, you’ll finally have a biz you’re proud of, you’ll be working with clients of your dreams, and most of all, you’ll be making an impact in this world by sharing your knowledge and expertise. 
Vanessa Ryan

WORKSHOP | $149 Value

This workshop includes: training thatthat will show you HOW to design a pretty, profitable optin, an opt in Template Bundle that includes a 6 Page opt in Template and 3 Social Media Templates, and guidebook that will help you plan your and create your opt in.


Who is the course toolkit for?

Anyone! This toolkit is primarily geared towards those who are wanting to build their business, so keep in mind most of these courses are business oriented – although we have a few mindset courses that are applicable for anyone.

But the heart behind this offer is that it has *literally* everything you need to take your business to the next level. That being said, don’t let the topic stop you. If you see even just ONE program that feels like a fit for you, this is the place to snag it at the best price of the year!

Why are these toolkits at such a steep discount?

We have rallied the best course creators in the business who want to offer you the gift of accessibility. We know all too well what it feels like to get started and to bootstrap our businesses, thus Your Course Toolkit Bundle came to life. This is a way we can give back and help out our fellow entrepreneurs who are ballin’ on a budget!

Also, by collaborating with other creators, it is an opportunity to welcome new friends into each of our communities. It truly is a win all around!

Are these course online or in person?

These courses are all online. You will have forever access upon purchase and can review the material at anytime.

Can I do these courses on my own time?

Absolutely! Because these courses are virtual, you can take them at your on pace and on your own timeframe.

Is this toolkit good for beginners? What about people with established businesses?

We honestly think it is *perfect* if you are just getting started or if you are in the thick of running an already established business. This bundle truly has everything you need to start and grow.

There is something in this bundle for everyone, at every level of business. There is material for the person who needs the tools to get started, and there is material for the person who needs to take their already flourshing business to the next level.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the course toolkit?

You can email us directly at yourcoursetoolkit@gmail.com


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