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Our toolkits source the best courses on the internet to meet all your entrepreneurial needs at an accessible price! Snag 22 courses valued at $5,000+ for just $99!










Our heart is to provide business tools at an accessible rate for entrepreneurs eager to build their businesses. We have searched the internet far and wide to compile the best of the best courses to highlight in each toolkit.


Tiyana Robinson

The Launch Your Masterclass
Blueprint | $97 Value

A step-by-step guide for launching your very first live online masterclass the EASY way (even if you’ve never taught before, have a small following, and are totally not techie)

Mariah Althoff

The Brand Design
Blueprint | $247 Value

The Proven Branding Process and Logo Formula for Creating Professional Brand Identities.

Amanda Montero

Pinterest Power |
$197 Value

Pinterest Power is an 6-part online program where you’ll learn exactly how to craft an effective Pinterest marketing strategy that works for your business and create a powerful online presence to will help you build an engaged audience of readers & customers.

Celinne Da Costa

The Life Design
Mindset | $298 Value

The Life Design Mindset: How To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires Into Reality will guide you through identifying what it is that you REALLY want. You’ll learn new techniques to get you crystal clear on how your intention works to bring your desires into reality and what you need to do in order to create these results in a way that actually works for you.
Crystal Hollman

90 DaYS FREE IN Creative Boss Society Membership  | $120 Value

The Creative Boss Society is a MastHERmind and Educational based membership designed to empower the Creative Boss in her online business journey. Whether product based, designer, photographer, hand maker or couch we have a community comprised of women focused on building one another up. Each month we add in additional training, materials and step by step strategy that any business owner can implement and work together month over month revenue growth.

Aditi Ramchandani

| $555 Value

Storytelling creates connection and trust. It is what makes people pick your brand over another. It is what gets you remembered and keeps you in mind and in sight. This course will teach you 7 stories you can use in your marketing, the 5-part story framework, and the process to write your very own brand story.

Lucy Dunne

Instagram Growth & Monetization Workshop  | $40 Value

I know what it’s like to build a paying Instagram following from scratch… and I can’t wait to show you how to do it, too — the smart way

Heather Agnell

The Ultimate Goal Achievement & Habit Transformation Bundle | £47 VALUE

Discover how to hit those big goals you set for yourself with more ease and less overwhelm by combining effective strategy & planning with habit transformation.

Liz White

| $97 VALUE

Over 7,000 students agree, it’s time to ditch your old dear-diary habits. Have you been journaling yourself into the same position you were yesterday? Let’s shift that. Your words hold POWER. Spoken, written, thought… what you repeat, continues.

Britney Jeanine

The BJCo Business &
Brand Bundle | $49 VALUE

Receive all 4 of Britney’s top selling courses from 2020! These have officially been removed from her library so get on this ASAP! Included you’ll find access to Unstuck, Beast the Brand, Content Cram Camp AND Secrets of a Visual Brand!

Elizabeth Hambleton

Branding Template
Bundle | $168 Value

This comprehensive pack of social media Canva templates gives your biz everything you need to look fantastic no matter where on the internet your clients and customers find you. You can now give your entire online presence a polished look and feel in just minutes. As a special bonus, we also added our seasonal templates. They are the perfect way to add a festive feel to your social feed this holiday!

Marina + Lucrezia Iapichino

Pinterest From
P to T | $97 Value

Pinterest from P to T will show you how to attract high converting visitors to your blog from Pinterest.  Following the steps explained in Pinterest from P to T, you will attract engaged traffic and readers ready to purchase your products or services. This course will show you how Pinterest works and the strategy to make it work for YOU. You will actually learn what to pin, where to pin it, and when to pin it.  By the end of this program, you will not only see your page views grow but also your conversion and engagement skyrocket!

Sagan Morrow

Goodbye 9
to 5
| $249 Value

Goodbye 9 to 5 teaches you step-by-step how to quit your 9 to 5 job and transition into working from home full-time… within just 3 months! With this program, you will: 1) Discover your *perfect* business idea, 2) Create a concrete strategy—and get all the tools you need to take action on that plan, 3) Learn exactly what your day-do-day business life should look like, 4) Get past mindset issues & boost your confidence, 5) Have the freedom & flexibility to work whenever & wherever you want, and 6) Quit your 9 to 5 job (for good!). Goodbye 9 to 5 teaches you how to turn your dream job—and your dream LIFE—into your new reality.

Sophia Sunwoo

The Business
Plan Creator | $97 Value

The Business Plan Creator Tool shares the exact formula that I use to create business plans and financial projections that have helped startups secure over $500K in funding and present to a room full of Fortune 500 executives. This guide provides a streamlined strategy for writing a great business plan that tells a story, sells your business, and backs it up with realistic numbers. You’ll be given a clear step-by-step blueprint, along with my advice on how to make your business plan memorable and your financial projections realistic.

Kate Crocco

Make Up Your Mind
And Manifest | $297 VALUE

This is my brand spanking new course ALL ON DECISION MAKING! No more sitting on the fence waiting for clarity to arrive, we are going to take calculated and inspired steps together to work toward making your goals a reality.

Mariah Tomkinson

Trello Content Management
System | $47 Value

In this course, I’m giving you a short-cut to getting your content strategy system in place utilizing Trello. You get 5 templates + 4 walkthrough videos showing you how to customize each board. The modules also include suggested automation.

Jenny Sunneson

Profitable Podcast
Workflow | $27 Value

Have a podcast already but struggling to stay consistent due to lack of organization and systems? In this bundle, you’ll get workflow templates for Google Sheets and Airtable + walkthroughs of how to get them set up for success, ClickUp and Asana workflows and walkthroughs, a guide to batching your podcast, and more.

Gemma Bonham Carter

| $27 VALUE

Workshop Wins – The New Strategy for Course Creators:
Create a $1k+ Cash Injection with a Small Audience (No Ad Spend Required!) An easy-to-follow system that will teach you how to craft an irresistible workshop to generate quick cash in your business, validate an online course idea, and act as an entry-level gateway for your higher ticket offers.

Kelsey Chapman

COURSE | $97 Value

A video course and swipe templates for both Asana and Trello that shows you exactly how to set up and manage your video content workflow! Plus help you create consistent content, in LESS TIME! Hello to the magic of systems!

Dawn Kennedy

First Steps To
Profit | $27 Value

Get your business finances organized, get your numbers, and start protecting your business income now.

Kelsey Chapman

PodBreakout: A Podcast
Course | $297 Value

This course provides everything you need to build the thriving, successful podcast you’ve been dreaming about.

Emily K. Thomas


This is a unique course that will support you in identifying your unique gifts through your personal life experiences and how to transform those lessons into a valid online business that’ll impact the lives of your ideal clients!


Who is the course toolkit for?

Anyone! This toolkit is primarily geared towards those who are wanting to build their business, so keep in mind most of these courses are business oriented – although we have a few mindset courses that are applicable for anyone.

But the heart behind this offer is that it has *literally* everything you need to take your business to the next level. That being said, don’t let the topic stop you. If you see even just ONE program that feels like a fit for you, this is the place to snag it at the best price of the year!

Why are these toolkits at such a steep discount?

We have rallied the best course creators in the business who want to offer you the gift of accessibility. We know all too well what it feels like to get started and to bootstrap our businesses, thus Your Course Toolkit Bundle came to life. This is a way we can give back and help out our fellow entrepreneurs who are ballin’ on a budget!

Also, by collaborating with other creators, it is an opportunity to welcome new friends into each of our communities. It truly is a win all around!

Are these course online or in person?

These courses are all online. You will have forever access upon purchase and can review the material at anytime.

Can I do these courses on my own time?

Absolutely! Because these courses are virtual, you can take them at your on pace and on your own timeframe.

Is this toolkit good for beginners? What about people with established businesses?

We honestly think it is *perfect* if you are just getting started or if you are in the thick of running an already established business. This bundle truly has everything you need to start and grow.

There is something in this bundle for everyone, at every level of business. There is material for the person who needs the tools to get started, and there is material for the person who needs to take their already flourshing business to the next level.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the course toolkit?

You can email us directly at yourcoursetoolkit@gmail.com


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