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Our toolkits source the best courses on the internet to meet all your entrepreneurial needs at an accessible price! Snag 22 courses valued at $5,000+ for just $99!










Our heart is to provide business tools at an accessible rate for entrepreneurs eager to build their businesses. We have searched the internet far and wide to compile the best of the best courses to highlight in each toolkit.


Christine Hansen

Branding & Niching
Masterclass | $97 Value

Branding and Niching is perfect if you are struggling to get crystal clear on what niche you should focus on, figure out who you actually want to work with by creating a brand that truly represents YOU . This Masterclass will guide you through this complex process efficiently and elegantly!

Jemma Broadstock

Getting Clients Through
Social Media | $97 Value

Are you fed up of seeing people talk about getting clients through their Instagram and Facebook account and having no idea how they do it?! Well the secrets out! In this two part training Jemma gives her top tips for raising your engagement and getting those clients queuing up to work with you.

Kaylan Thompson


Copy my proven hiring framework! Steal the processes, strategies and templates that I give my hiring consulting and leadership coaching clients!

Kelsey Chapman

Instabreakout: An Instagram Workshop | $97 Value

Everything you need to know to build your business, grow your platform, and steward your influence. This training provides the most up-to-date strategies for building your online presence.

Lindsay Preston

Breaking Barriers
5-Day Challenge | $47 Value

The 5-day program that will teach you how to break through the barriers that are stopping you from confidently stepping into your BEST LIFE!

Lise Cartwright

WORKSHOP | $127 Value

This workshop will help you go from CONFUSED and FEARFUL to CRYSTAL CLEAR on your money-making steps so you can create an online business that brings in CONSISTENT cashflow NOW.

Kerstin Martin

Squarespace SEO
Plus | $99 Value

Are you a little intimidated by SEO? In this easy to follow mini course Squarespace expert Kerstin Martin shares all the strategies that got her to Google’s page one! Includes website settings, keywords, Google Search Console and some very effective lesser known strategies.

Cindy Bidar

PLANNING | $37 Value

Templates, checklists, and worksheets designed to make every product launch a breeze. These step-by-step resources will take you from pre-launch planning to post-launch promotion, even if you’re brand new and don’t have a clue what to do first.

Michelle Dale

The Freelancer
Kickstart | $240 Value

The Freelancer ‘Kick-Start’ guides you through a complete DIY process of setting up your Freelance or Virtual Assistant Service Business, fast and on a tiny budget too – this is really for you if you’re considering starting a virtual business and you’re beginning with very little (to no) knowledge at all, you’re not quite ready to commit full time, you’re low on start-up funds or you want to build a foundation prior to investing into a scalable online service business.

Emma Lee Bates

SECRETS | $229 Value

The step by step course that will show you how to use the Copy Blocks Method to create amazing sales pages in half the time. Learn how to write using Copy Blocks. These bite-sized chunks of copy each have a single purpose and will allow you to write with focus and clarity. After you’ve written your copy blocks you’ll plug them into one of the included Sales Page Templates. These templates allow you to drop your copy in an order that makes sense and takes customers on a journey towards purchase.

Janet LeBlanc

Asana for
makers | $47 Value

Asana for Makers is a quick-win course that teaches you how to better manage your time in your business and find the balance between working IN and working ON your shop. In Asana for Makers, I guide you through using a totally free productivity tool called Asana, alongside with a complete mindset shift in how you break down your BIG goals to daily to do’s to help you become immeasurably more efficient in your business. With this system, you will create your own boss for your business to motivate you to work more efficiently, achieve your financial goals, and feel more balanced.

Kelsey Chapman

Podbreakout: How To Build a
Breakout podcast | $297 Value

Everything you need to build the thriving, successful podcast you’ve been dreaming of!  I started my podcast with just a pair of headphones, my laptop, and a message burning in my heart. You don’t need the fanciest equipment, the biggest bank account, or a high follower count on social media to build a successful podcast that people love listening to. All you need is grit, determination, a passion for talking, and a willingness to have FUN as you learn and build your show! 

Lynne Gabriel Caine

BOSS  | $997 Value

Step-by-step, systematic and strategic guide to starting your blog from scratch to making it a six figure platform.

Nicole Davidson

Build Your Website in
5 days | $197 Value

Create your own website with an easy to follow step-by step WordPress eCourse perfect for beginners to get a stunning website with a website designer at your side every step of the way.

Jennifer Maker

START | $47 Value

LIST LOVE Quick-Start Guide is a mini-course that teaches bloggers how to grow their mailing list with freebies. No Facebook ads required! You will learn the simple strategies I used to grow my list from 0 to 10,000 in less than six months on a new domain. One year after following these strategies, I had 24,000+ subscribers and 2 years later, my list allows me to generate a 7-figure income on my blog with 800,000 email subscribers who are also raving fans.

Kristie Hill

The Blog Launch
Challenge | $35 Value

It’s time to stop dreaming, and start your blog! The Blog Launch Challenge is a 4-week group coaching program that will guide you through all the steps of a successful blog launch. No guessing games. No wondering if you’re doing things right. At the end of the challenge you’ll have a WordPress website set up, your first email subscribers (aka blog followers), and blog posts ready to go! Launch your blog with a bang.

Cortney Baker

Marketing IN a
Downturn | $70 Value

This training covers how to retain clients and keep your pipeline full – even when everyone is losing clients on the daily.

Faith Hawks

Impact toolkit
| $47 Value

Conquer your content, master your message and make a big impact online

Kelsey Chapman

DONE | $997 Value

In the Dream To Done program, we’re going to harness the power of expert strategy and mentorship, so you can bring that dream into reality – because the unique purpose you carry into this world matters. in this  7-module course, instructional videos, resource lists + downloadable worksheets, all at your fingertips and entirely self-paced – YOURS FOR LIFE!

Emily Bendler

Dream Life Jumpstart
for Moms | $47 Value

This course will allow you to jump-start the process of taking back control of your days. You don’t have just accept that this is how life is. Change is possible and this course will help you do it. No matter where you are in your moming journey, this course can help you tackle that thing that seems just out of reach. That thing making you feel anxious or depressed or like you aren’t succeeding as a mom.

Anna Sok

How To Start A Blog The
Right Way | $97 Value

The ultimate guide on how to Start a Successful Blog in one month without being a tech wizard, an incredible writer or breaking a bank. This course takes you step-by-step from an introduction to how the blogging world works – to finally launching your new awesome blog!

Jess Stuart

Resilience and Self Care
Toolkit | $99 Value

Bouncing back from tough times. Learn what resilience is, why we need it and how we can build it. Understand how to manage mood and emotions, self control and self care to build strength and resilience. Understand the power of the mind and how to train it to be more positive. The role of attitude and mind set and what it is resilient people do. Understand common thinking traps and resilience challenges. Make it happen and find motivation and habits that will help sustain your resilience well beyond this course.


Who is the course toolkit for?

Anyone! This toolkit is primarily geared towards those who are wanting to build their business, so keep in mind most of these courses are business oriented – although we have a few mindset courses that are applicable for anyone.

But the heart behind this offer is that it has *literally* everything you need to take your business to the next level. That being said, don’t let the topic stop you. If you see even just ONE program that feels like a fit for you, this is the place to snag it at the best price of the year!

Why are these toolkits at such a steep discount?

We have rallied the best course creators in the business who want to offer you the gift of accessibility. We know all too well what it feels like to get started and to bootstrap our businesses, thus Your Course Toolkit Bundle came to life. This is a way we can give back and help out our fellow entrepreneurs who are ballin’ on a budget!

Also, by collaborating with other creators, it is an opportunity to welcome new friends into each of our communities. It truly is a win all around!

Are these course online or in person?

These courses are all online. You will have forever access upon purchase and can review the material at anytime.

Can I do these courses on my own time?

Absolutely! Because these courses are virtual, you can take them at your on pace and on your own timeframe.

Is this toolkit good for beginners? What about people with established businesses?

We honestly think it is *perfect* if you are just getting started or if you are in the thick of running an already established business. This bundle truly has everything you need to start and grow.

There is something in this bundle for everyone, at every level of business. There is material for the person who needs the tools to get started, and there is material for the person who needs to take their already flourshing business to the next level.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the course toolkit?

You can email us directly at yourcoursetoolkit@gmail.com


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